Product Design Matrix 3D Design Prototypes Materials Molding Vendors Marketing Product Life Cycle

The Finishing Touch

3D Prototyping: Proof of Concept

With 3D CAD capabilities we can spin and view a product from all sides, check moldability issues and hold high quality surface tolerances upto a 'Class A' Automotive Surface finish. And Print you your 3D Concept!

Rapid Prototypes (3D Printing) ( video Link ) describes our process a little bit more... a great way to see the concept before final production tooling (molding) sign-off.

Material and Manufacturing:

Plastic, Composite, Metal or Wood. Find the material that fits your product needs. We can help find the right manufacturing process for your product volume helping you to optimize costs and find the right fit.

Marketing and Videos:

Product Videos: We have also worked on a handful of product videos taking the 3D into video to aid in your marketing for HD tradeshows or Youtube web footprint click here to see Three Product video Optioins.

Branding Logos & design packaging are key issues for marketability. But also having the right Safety Labels, and Instruction Sheets also are required in a final product, and we can add these into the final development stages too.